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    Maryland State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice

    Position Description(s)

    Board Chairperson and Vice Chairperson (Revised 11/10/03)
    The chairperson of the State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice serves to conduct the business meeting in an orderly and efficient manner.  He/she communicates with the Board Executive Director and Board Counsel to formulate the meeting agenda and facilitate access to information needed to proceed with Board responsibilities.
    1. Establish the meeting agenda with the Executive Director
    2. Direct and refocus the Board's business meeting
    3. Communicate with the Board's Legal Counsel
    4. Call for vote when discussion concludes
    5. Foster communication with other allied health regulatory boards
    6. Review meeting minutes and new correspondence
    7. Correspond, in response to inquiries, as representative of Board
    8. Act as Board's spokesperson
    9. Coordinate executive director's annual performance review



    1. Current license to proactice occupational therapy in Maryland
    2. Voted to the fole of Chairperson by majority vote of the Board members.


    Vice Chairperson

    1. Conducts the meeting in the chair's absence.


    Board Member

      1. Be informed about the organization's mission, services, policies and programs
      2. Participate fully in board meetings (Third Friday of every month from 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
      3. Support and promote the Board's policies and procedures
      4. Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings
      5. Participate fully in committees.
      6. Participate fully in the annual conference and related events.
      7. Carry out special assignments as requested by the Board chairperson
      8. Observe the legal responsibilities of duty of loyalty and duty of care to the organization
      9. Understand the responsibilities of the Board
      10. Be prepared to answer questions about what the Board is and what it does
      11. Complete all assigned tasks in a timely fashion
      12. Recognize, participate in and promote opportunities to further the Board's mission



      1. Appointed to the Board by the Governor


      Board and Consumer Member(s) Serving on the Board (Revised 9/28/2011)

      Board Member(s)/ Consumer Member(s) Appointment Date of Current Term Expiration Date of Current Term ​# of Terms Eligible for Reappointment
      Kamala Stevenson, MS, OTR/L​ July 1, 2011 ​term ends July 1, 2015 ​0
      ​Iyna Adams, OTR/L, CPAM
                 July 1, 2012​ ​term ends July 1, 2016 ​                      0
      Kuzhiluethu K. Kshepakaran, M.Ed., OTR/L
      ​July 1, 2011 ​term ends July 1, 2015 ​0
      ​Vacant OT Board Member
       Vanessa Hughes, COTA/L
      July 1, 2013
      term ends July 1, 2017
      Meenakshi Gupta, Consumer Member
      July 1, 2011
      term ends July 1, 2015

      ​A. Cassaundra Brown, Consumer Member ​July 1, 2013 ​term ends July 1, 2017 ​0


      Reimbursement Policy for Board and Consumer Member(s) (Revised 8/15/2012 
            1.  Expenses
              Board members are entitled to reimbursement for certain actual expenses incurred as a result of serving on the board.
                     A.  Current reimbursement rates are as follows:
                             - Mileage @ 55.5 cents per mile
                             - Breakfast @ $8.00
                             - Lunch @ $10.00
                             - Dinner @ $23.00
                    2.  Per Diems
                      A 'per diem' is a daily monetary allowance or stipend dollar amount paid to individual board and committee members as compensation or reimbursement for their time spent on board business.  Board and committee members are also entitled to reimbursement for gas mileage under the standard state travel regulations.
                    In general, based on the funding and compensation or reimbursement provisions of the health occupations statutes, and in accordance with the individual budget of each board:
                      (1) Board or committee members received a daily, flat rate monetary amount for:
                             a) monthly board meetings;
                             b) committee meetings held on a day other than the monthly board meeting;
                             c) disciplinary hearings held before the Board;
                             d) legislative hearings in Annapolis;
                             e) other meerings directly related to the board's duties and responsibilities (e.g., with
                                legislators or national state agency officials, or for staff conferences or approved training
                                and workshops);
                             f) except for the monthly board meeting, all other meetings that last or exceed two hours
                                held at the Board's offices or at another approved location.
                          (2) In all other instances, a member is ineligible for per diem compensation for attendance at a meeting without prior approved from the Board.
                            (3) To obtain a per diem, a member must fill out and sign a report identifying the dates and activities performed for which a per diem is sought.
                              (4) Board members are ot entitled to compensation or reimbursement for any time spent reviewing board files at home in preparation for a meeting or hearing or for reviewing any files outside of the board premises.
                                (5) The amount of compensation is intended as a token stipend or something of value for the Board member's time and effort, but is not meant to cover a member's unreimbursed costs, or professional earnings foregone while carrying out board business.
                                  (6) The Executive Director of the Board shall report to the Deputy Secretary of Operations any action taken by the Board to establish or change the amount of per diem compensation provided to Board members, any change in this policy on per diems, or any action to establish or change the Board's policy with regard to reimbursement of expenses.
                                    (7) The Executive Director of the Board shall maintain accurate and current records of all per diem disbursements.
                                      3.  Reports
                                        An expense report must be completed with appropriate receipts attached and submitted to the Board office in order to receive reimbursements and/or per diem payments.
                                          Inclement Weather Policy
                                            During the inclement weather, the Board Meeting schedule will mirror the Baltimore County School system schedule.
                                                    - For example, if the Baltimore County Schools open on hour late, the Occupational
                                                      Therapy  Board meeting will start one hour late.
                                                      - If the Baltimore County Schools are closed, the Board meeting will be cancelled, etc.