Rosters, Labels, and/or Disks

Rosters, labels and/or disks of the Board's licensee database are available through the Board office.  The material is divided into the following categories:

  • Active occupational therapists in the State of Maryland
  • Active occupational therapy assistants in the State of Maryland
  • All active occupational therapists, in and out of the State of Maryland 
  • All active occupational therapy assistants, in and out of the State of Maryland 


To request the information from the Board office, please do the following:

  1. Complete the request form.  (Click here to print the form) (Forms are also available in Word format.  Click here to download)
  2. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Maryland Board of Occupational Therapy Practice (MBOT)
  3. Send payment and request form to MBOT, Spring Grove Hospital, 55 Wade Avenue, Baltimore, MD  21228

The information will be provided in text or Excel 97 format.  In addition, we are now offering labels in Word format, or roster information sent via email. 

(Please allow 4 weeks for your completed request to be delivered.)

Public Information:  This notice is given to comply with State Government Article §10-624 (as amended by Chapter 4, Acts 2000, effective October 1, 2000):

The information collected on the license application form and the license renewal form is collected for the purposes of the Board's functions under the Md. Health Gen. Code Ann., Title 10.  Failure to provide the information may result in the denial of your application for an initial or renewed license.  You have a right to inspect, amend, and correct this information.  The Board may permit inspection of this information, or make it available to others, only as permitted by federal and State law.  The Board may sell or provide a list of licensees' names and addresses to professional associations and other entities.  Under the Maryland Public Information Act, Md. State Government Code Ann. 10-617, you may request in writing that your name be omitted from such lists.

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