Official License

Official licenses are available for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants. All forms can be obtained by visiting the Forms page.

Official License Process

The process for official license is as follows:

A. Request an application.

  •          Notify the Board office if you are a military veteran or spouse discharged within 1 year of application.  Expedited services
             may  be available to you. Click here for more information.

B. Complete the application, including:

  •     2 Self-addressed labels (used to mail your official license).  Click here for more information.

  •     A photograph affixed.

  •     Notary Seal impressed over a portion of the photograph.

  •     Application fee ($200) money order or check payable to MBOT

  •     Successful completion of the jurisprudence examination.  

  •     Continuing education requirements.

        a.  If it has been less than 1 year since graduating from an O.T. academic program, 0 contact hours are required.

        b.  If it has been move than 1 year since you graduated from an O.T. academic program

                   - Verification of current certification with NBCOT; OR
                  -  Verification of 12 contact hours.

             c.  If it has been more than 3 years since practicing occupational therapy, additional requirements may apply. 
                  Click here for more information.

C. Forward request to third parties responsible for sending material to the Board Office on your behalf.   For example:

  • Letters of Verification from any state or country in which you have been licensed.

  • Attestations to moral character completed on forms provided by the Board Office. Two (2) moral character forms are needed. 

  • Verification of examination or initial/current certification or examination from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT).

D. Board Office forwards all applications completed by the 3rd Wednesday to the Board on the 3rd Friday of the month.