Continuing Education

Certified residential child care program administrators (CRCCPAs) and certified residential child and youth care practitioners (CRCYCPs) are required to complete continuing education units (CEUs) that foster improvement, advancement and extension of the individual’s professional skill and knowledge relating to residential child care programs.  

CRCCPAs are required to complete 40 hours and CRCYCPs are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education within the two-year period before the renewal date of their certification. Continuing education is intended to be training obtained above the minimum annual training requirements for residential child care workers as provided in COMAR 14.31.06(F).  

Continuing education may include: 

  1. Academic course work which qualifies for credit toward an undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited institution. (1 semester hour of academic course work equivalent to 15 CEUs and ¼ hour equivalent to 3.75 CEUs).  

  2. Workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences, institutes, audio visual self-study, and similar programs with 1 hour of attendance equivalent to 1 CEU.

  3. Publications with 1 hour of authoring, editing or review equal to 1 CEU up to a MAXIMUM of 12 CEUs in a renewal period.

  4. Presentations or teaching up to a MAXIMUM of twice the number of CEUs available to a participant of the program.

  5. Staff development, including but not limited to an educational program planned by an agency to assist employees in becoming knowledgeable and competent in fulfilling role expectations within that agency with 1 hour of attendance equivalent to 1 CEU.

  6. Invited speaker sessions, in-house seminars, and case conferences which are specifically designed for training, teaching, or both, with 1 hour of attendance equivalent to 1 CEU.

  7. Attendance or presentation of programs offered at professional meetings of local, state, regional, or international professional organizations or societies, with 1 hour of attendance equivalent to 1 CEU.

  8. Home-study courses provided by automatic sponsors or approved sponsors with proof of satisfactory completion up to a MAXIMUM of 10 CEUs in a renewal period.

  9. Attendance at State Board for the Certification of Residential Child Care Program Professional Board meetings with 1 hour of attendance equivalent to 1 CEU up to a MAXIMUM of 2 CEUs.

NOTE:  Of the required CEUs in a renewal period, the State Board will accept a MAXIMUM of 5 CEUs per renewal cycle in the content area of behavioral management.  The types of training included in this contact area are the State approved behavioral intervention training listed on the Governor’s Office for Children’s web site.  Continuing education MAY NOT include certification or recertification in CPR or first aid.  


CRCCPAs and CRCYCPs must take continuing education from entities that have been approved by the State Board.  If a CRCCPA or CRCYCP takes a course that has not been approved by the State Board, the individual must seek State Board approval either BEFORE OR IMMEDIATELY AFTER the individual takes the course.  

The following is a list of organizations that are recognized by the State Board as AUTOMATIC SPONSORS, and may sponsor, or approve, or both, CE programs: 

  1. State, regional, national and international associations for: child and family services; dietetics; education; medical or allied health professionals; professional counseling or therapy; psychiatry, psychology, nursing and social work.   

  2. National, regional or State accredited academic institutions offering academic courses or programs that apply to the field of residential child care. 

  3. Agencies, institutions, organizations, or individuals authorized as automatic sponsors or approved sponsors of CE by the State Board of Social Work Examiners under COMAR 10.42.06; and,  

  4. Agencies, institutions, organizations or individuals approved by any State licensing or certification boards under Health Occupations Article, Annotate Code of Maryland.  

Providers of continuing education who meet the requirements of COMAR 10.57.04 and who are not automatically authorized to sponsor continuing education programs may apply to the State Board to be approved to sponsor programs. 

Sponsors who wish to be approved by the State Board may download an application and return to the State Board with the required documentation.  

INDIVIDUAL APPROVAL may be sought by a CRCCPA or CRCYCP when there has been no prior approval by the State Board for the program or activity to be undertaken by the individual.  The CRCCPA or CRCYCP must complete and submit a Request for Approval of Continuing Education Activity (application may be downloaded from the State Board’s web site) and submit documentation that demonstrates that the activity meets requirements for continuing education programs.  Documentation includes:  a copy of curriculum used at the program, syllabus or agenda, handouts or materials, and certificate of completion, if applicable. There is no cost for this service to the CRCCPA or CRCYCP.  Requests for approval should be made prior to taking the course or immediately after taking the course. Requests for approval will not be considered for courses if submitted more than 90 days after the training occurs.

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