Policy for Continuing Education Credit for Preparation of a Presentation

The following guidelines apply to situations in which the applicant for continuing education credit prepares and verbally presents information to others. This may include, but is not limited to lectures, workshops , in-service programs, and presentation of research papers at conferences.

The Board will allow one hour of continuing education credit for approved programs that take 0-59 minute’s presentation time.

When presentation time exceeds 59 minutes, the Board will allow twice the presentation time in continuing education credit. (one hour for presentation and one hour for preparation)

The Board may increase the continuing education units allowed when it determines that sufficient evidence of prolonged preparation exists. Evidence may be the outline or text of the preparation with references, draft revisions, data worksheets, signed statement from project supervisor or other verifying data.

The Board may deny or reduce continuing education credits for the following:

  • Preparation of presentations directly connected with the individual’s practice or employment if no new knowledge is obtai ned by the presenter. This includes:
    • Repeated presentations of the same material; and
    • Descriptive studies of cases that constitute that individual’s practice.
  • Preparations so similar that preparation time should be unnecessary.
  • Preparations which the Board believes provide the presenter with no educational experience.

Written publication of papers and articles will be handled in the same manner. The Board will allow one hour of CEU’s per 300 words, (there are about 300 words per page double-spaced).