​Promoting Food Security, Reducing Obesity, and Addressing Diabetes (45 grants)​

Grantee Organization: MedStar Good Samaritan
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 21-001 ($93,000)
Grant Project Description: The Good Samaritan Hospital Food Farmacy Program is designed for adult patients with Type 2 Diabetes who may also have heart failure and/or food insecurity. Eligible patients receive ongoing one-on-one care and consultations by a Community Health Advocate (CHA) and dietitian, and customized healthy food at no cost. The Good Samaritan Collaborative Care Center offers access to consultations, food storage capability and safe food pickup and delivery options to remove transportation barriers and increase access to care and food.  The program also connects patients to holistic health resources in the community.

Grantee Organization: Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center (LHAAMC)
Jurisdiction Served: Anne Arundel & Prince George’s Counties
Grant and Amount: 21-002 ($90,000)
Grant Project Description: This program supports the expansion of existing Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) cohorts run by the health system to a broader population of underserved and vulnerable communities, particularly Hispanic populations.  The grantee is using their mobile clinic to deliver health education and screening services to areas that lack access to primary care providers and/or transportation. The program is using bilingual community educators and Community Health Workers (CHWs) for outreach and delivery of education programs on the mobile clinic, and to recruit and attract residents to the DPP classes. The mobile clinic also provides some limited screenings (e.g., A1C, blood glucose, blood pressure). Educational programs promote healthy eating, healthy lifestyle changes, and the importance of physical activity in preventing disease.  The goal is to anchor members of the target communities to a medical home.
Organization Contact Information: https://www.aahs.org/

Grantee Organization: Korean Community Services Center (KCSC)
Jurisdiction Served: Montgomery & Prince George’s Counties
Grant and Amount: 21-003 ($170,000)
Grant Project Description: The KCSC Diabetes Self-Management for Asian Americans program targets low-income Asian Americans residing in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, particularly Chinese/Korean immigrants over 55 and their family members, as well as underserved communities with limited English proficiency who face cultural barriers to care. KCSC is adapting the Self-Management Resource Center's Chronic Diseases Self-Management Program, including the Diabetes Self-Management Program, which uses a community-based participatory approach to improve health status, increase healthy behavior and self-efficacy, reduce healthcare costs, and decrease emergency room visits.  KCSC is partnering with Mobile Medical Care, Inc., Chinese Cultural and Community Service Center, the Korean American Medical Association, the Self-Management Resource Center, and LabCorp to administer the program.
Organization Contact Information: http://www.kcscgw.org/

Grantee Organization: Baltimore Medical System
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 21-004 ($225,000)
Grant Project Description: This program will support the BMS Diabetes Education and Lifestyle Change (BMS DEAL) program by adding a Certified Diabetes Educator and Care Specialist (CDECS) to the multidisciplinary care team at the Saint Agnes and Pine Heights community health centers. The specialist will educate patients about diabetes self-management, helps them set behavioral goals to improve diet, and manages their weight to improve diabetic control and achieve better health outcomes. The specialist also will identify and address social barriers to accessing healthy food and complying with regular provider checks. The BMS DEAL is an integrated approach to diabetes care which includes the patient, provider, medical assistant, nurse, and pharmacist when indicated for patient education, testing and follow-up. The clinics (St. Agnes & Pine Heights Health Centers) work with several community partners to address food insecurity and transportation barriers.
Organization Contact Information: https://bmsi.org/

Grantee Organization: Chase Brexton
Jurisdiction Served: Howard County
Grant and Amount: 21-005 ($325,000)
Grant Project Description: This program expands the Chase Brexton patient-centered medical home model of chronic disease management for adults diagnosed with diabetes. Grant funding is expanding Chase Brexton’s capacity to provide treatment and ancillary support services to adults diagnosed with diabetes and provide intensive patient‐centered care and treatment adherence support to those diagnosed with “uncontrolled” diabetes, defined as having an A1c greater than 9%. The program is enhancing the delivery of comprehensive diabetes-focused treatment, increasing health literacy surrounding diabetes treatment, improving self-management skills, and encouraging healthier eating habits. The program also works to reduce diabetes-related health disparities for 90 low-income, un/underinsured, and underserved residents of Howard County, including racial and ethnic minorities.
Organization Contact Information: https://chasebrexton.org/

Grantee Organization: Holy Cross Health
Jurisdiction Served: Montgomery & Prince George’s Counties
Grant and Amount: 21-006 ($60,000)
Grant Project Description: The Holy Cross Equitable Wellness Initiative addresses chronic disease prevention and management of type 2 diabetes and pulmonary rehabilitation post COVID-19 to decrease disparities in care among African American and Latinx populations. The initiative focuses on behavior change, education, and self-efficacy through implementation of three culturally appropriate health education programs developed for populations with low educational attainment and health literacy.  Participants will receive a weekly session with Health and Wellness Coaches to discuss the status of goals and identify and address expressed social needs through referrals using an established free or reduced cost social care service network.  To incentivize completion of the three-part series, each participant will receive a box of fresh produce.

Grantee Organization: Associated Catholic Charities – Esperanza Center
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Anne Arundel County
Grant and Amount: 21-007 ($125,000)
Grant Project Description: The “Diabetes and Dignidad” program will employ a bilingual community health worker (CHW) to staff up to 70 community-based diabetes rapid A1c testing events annually for Latinx residents located in parts of Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Anne Arundel County.  All newly diagnosed diabetics who are uninsured and uninsurable will be referred to primary care and the Diabetes Self-Management Program at Esperanza.  Individuals diagnosed with pre-diabetes will receive health information on managing the condition with a list of health care providers for further screening. The CHW also will provide diabetes self-management support, food security screening, and home visits to participants of Esperanza’s existing diabetes program.

Grantee Organization: UMD – St. Joseph’s Medical Center
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore County
Grant and Amount: 21-008 ($50,000)
Grant Project Description: This program supports the hiring of one additional licensed FTE (a Community Health Worker) to coordinate and manage community outreach and to expand the chronic disease education programs.  Funding also helps cover the cost of home self-monitoring equipment (e.g., scale, pulse oximeter, thermometer, BP cuff, and blood glucose monitoring device) for individuals who are uninsured or unable to cover the cost of insurance co-pays.
Organization Contact Information: https://www.umms.org/sjmc

Grantee Organization: West Cecil Health Center
Jurisdiction Served: Cecil and Harford Counties
Grant and Amount: 21-009 ($130,000)
Grant Project Description: This program supports procurement and implementation of Health Information Technology in the form of a clinical health dashboard and the salary of full-time Data Analytics employee.  The clinical health dashboard is used to perform risk stratification of identified vulnerable and at-risk patients. A Nurse Case Manager then follows-up with these individuals, provides case management, and works with community partners to provide linkages to chronic disease management resources and care.  West Cecil works with community partners in screening and identifying vulnerable and at-risk individuals with uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes to improve clinical outcomes.  
Organization Contact Information: 

Grantee Organization: MedStar Montgomery Hospital
Jurisdiction Served: Montgomery County
Grant and Amount: 21-011 ($125,000)
Grant Project Description: This program promotes access to health services and support for anti-poverty programs focusing on under-resourced Latino families in central Montgomery County. The program aims to address unmet health and social service needs, provide food security and education, and promote health literacy around COVID transmission.  Funding covers the salary costs for two new bi-lingual FTEs, an ED navigator and community health advocate, and other costs to be borne by the hospital, which include EMR modification, travel, and education materials, and a partial FTE at Proyecto Salud to co-locate clinic space.  

Grantee Organization: La Clinica del Pueblo
Jurisdiction Served: Prince George’s County
Grant and Amount: 21-014 ($108,000)
Grant Project Description: This program seeks to ameliorate the impact of COVID on the Latino community through several strategies that include a partnership with the Prince George's County Food Equity Council and FRESHFARM, increasing the organization’s referral network to social services, providing health education, promoting socially distanced walking groups, peer-navigation of services, and food distribution.  
Organization Contact Information: https://www.lcdp.org/

Grantee Organization: Primary Care Coalition
Jurisdiction Served: Montgomery County
Grant and Amount: 21-015 ($160,000)
Grant Project Description: This program introduces food security screenings at three “point of entry” sites and provides referrals to an existing program that serves children from newly arrived immigrant families.  The additional "points of entry" for children and households include school mental health providers and a food distribution program operating from a school site.
Organization Contact Information: https://www.primarycarecoalition.org/

Grantee Organization: United Way of Central Maryland
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 21-017 ($93,000)
Grant Project Description: This program addresses food insecurity in Morrell Park, an underserved and impoverished community and known food desert in southwest Baltimore City, through a partnership with Access Art.  Funding will cover the salary cost of one FTE CHW and other costs, such as parent stipends, transportation, and nutrition classes.  Access Art's weekly food distribution events have been transformed into comprehensive health markets that address multiple SDOH.  A bilingual CHW will provide case management and social services support.  Longer term, the CHW will convene a team of residents and food experts to plan strategically how to increase the number of sustainable food providers locally. 
Organization Contact Information: https://www.uwcm.org/

Grantee Organization: Western Maryland Health Care Center (dba Mountain Laurel)
Jurisdiction Served: Allegany & Garrett Counties
Grant and Amount: 21-026 ($180,000)
Grant Project Description: The program expands the current diabetes prevention program (ADAPT – Appalachia Diabetes Awareness Prevention Program) by adding a new mobile medical unit to meet residents "where they live, work and play" to provide nutrition, diabetes, and weight management education.  Individuals at-risk/pre-diabetics are referred to the accredited Diabetes Prevention Program at Garrett Regional or AHEC West; individuals with active, uncontrolled diabetes are referred to Mt Laurel's chronic care management teams.  The program addresses two key SDOH by tapping its 340B pharmacy for low-income patients and providing transportation via two full-time van drivers.
Organization Contact Information: https://www.wmhs.com/

Grantee Organization: Moveable Feast

Grant and Amount: 20-019 ($170,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Statewide
Grant Project Description: Moveable Feast seeks to serve vulnerable, low-income, homebound diabetic clients. The grant will support expansion of the currently successful program that delivers free medically-tailored meals to vulnerable homebound individuals who have prediabetes or diabetes and other chronic conditions, and experience food insecurity and malnutrition. Clients will also be offered medical nutrition therapy courses, and the beneficial effects of increased social contacts with Moveable Feast staff and volunteers.
Organization Contact Information: Moveable Feast

Grantee Organization: Food & Friends, Inc.

Grant and Amount: 20-020 ($120,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Statewide
Grant Project Description: Grant funds will support Food & Friends' current home-delivered medically-tailored free meals program for individuals identified by MedStar Family Choice and MedStar Health with Type II diabetes, food insecurity, malnutrition, and limitations of Activities of Daily Living. The program aims to continue to build the case for coverage by public and private payors to address social determinates of health. The applicant navigates clients toward the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and publicly funded health insurance. Transportation and nutrition education barriers are overcome through the delivery of meals. The volunteer delivery mechanism and 'case for coverage' are the primary sources of sustainability and there is strong endorsement from MedStar Family Choice MCO.
Organization Contact Information: Food & Friends, Inc.

Grantee Organization: Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry

Jurisdiction Served: Calvert County 
Grant Amount: 20-021 ($100,000) 
Grant Project Description: Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry, the largest food pantry in Southern Maryland, will implement the Eat Smart, Move More Calvert! pilot program which seeks to serve low-income food pantry clients with diabetes and/or pre-diabetes. CHRC grant funding will support the hiring of a Food Ambassador to develop a team of volunteer health coaches and provide for cooking classes and food distribution costs. This program will also leverage multiple health resources and community supports for participants. Multiple services pertinent to the client for achieving health and addressing other social determinants of health are provided at no cost.
Organization Contact Information: Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry

Grantee Organization: Primary Care Coalition

Jurisdiction Served: Prince George's County
Grant and Amount: 20-022 ($140,000) 
Grant Project Description: Primary Care Coalition will implement the Food Is Medicine model, an evidence-based medical food and nutrition intervention to serve vulnerable, low-income food insecure patients. The program will offer two service pathways: navigation to food assistance for individuals without a diabetes or prediabetes diagnosis; or referral to a 12-week nutrition education program with food assistance. Primary Care Coalition will use a variant of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (Stanford Protocol) which is tailored to work effectively in resource constrained settings. Clinical and biometric measures will be assessed. The grant also supports the hiring of nine CHWs who link provider referred patients to food assistance and nutrition education. This program will implement mechanisms and tools that providers can use to ensure referrals to the Food Is Medicine program.
Organization Contact Information: Primary Care Coalition

Grantee Organization: Cecil County Health Department

Jurisdiction Served: Cecil County
Grant and Amount: 20-023 ($275,000) 
Grant Project Description
The Cecil County Health Department will implement the Cecil County Diabetes Action Plan which aims to expand delivery of the evidence-based National Diabetes Plan to underserved, vulnerable low-income individuals whilst addressing common barriers to program recruitment and retention including lack of transportation and high medical expenses. Childcare vouchers will also be distributed to parents to encourage Diabetes Prevention Month attendance. The Cecil County Health Department plans to convene their Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC) as the coordinating body.
Organization Contact Informationhttp://www.cecilcountyhealth.org/

Grantee Organization: JHU - Rales Health Center

Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 20-024 ($300,000) 
Grant Project Description: Funding for this program by The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics will be used to expand the SBHC program at the KIPP Harmony and KIPP Ujima Village Academies, serving K-8 low-income minority children at the Rales Health Center in West Baltimore. This program will increase access to healthy food for children living in Healthy Food Priority areas, facilitate early clinical identification of children who are overweight and obese, and engage these students in weight management clinical care. The program will screen for food security and develop a system for referral to the school-based food pantry and support ongoing implementation of the Fitness Gram screening program. 
Organization Contact Information: JHU Rales Health Center​

Grantee Organization: Mountain Laurel Medical Center
Grant and Amount: 20-025 ($195,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Garrett and Allegany Counties 
Grant Project Description: This program, by Mountain Laurel Medical Center at its three primary care delivery locations, will expand access to chronic care management services for patients with uncontrollable diabetes who are uninsured/underinsured, or classified as low-income, and offer free diabetes self-management education classes to improve diabetes self-management and health outcomes. The program provides an LPN Navigator to help patients secure their diabetes medication through assistance programs, and two RNs for diabetes self-management education delivery.
Organization Contact Information: http://www.mtnlaurel.org

Grantee Organization: Associated Catholic Charities - My Brother's Keeper
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 20-026 ($220,000) 
Grant Project Description: This program by My Brother's Keeper, in partnership with St. Agnes Ascension Health, will establish an on-site medical home for My Brother's Keeper clients and low-income, underserved and at-risk adults and teenage residents of the surrounding area. The new clinic will provide treatment for acute illness and chronic disease, including diabetes and its comorbidities. Services will be targeted to those who currently access primary and/or urgent care through emergency departments. Clinic patients will be screened for diabetes and prediabetes and have access to evidence-based lifestyle change programs, Diabetes Self-Management Education and Supports (DSMES), Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and the National Diabetes Prevention Program. 
Organization Contact Information: My Brother's Keeper​

Grantee Organization: Lower Shore Clinic
Jurisdiction Served: Wicomico County 
Grant and Amount: 20-027 ($120,000) 
Grant Project Description: This program by Lower Shore Clinic, a current grantee, seeks to improve access to health food for vulnerable clients with serious mental illness (SMI) who have prediabetes and diabetes by hiring a Healthy Foods coordinator to develop sustainable relationships farmers, food distribution companies and local supermarkets to obtain food that is about to expire and will otherwise be wasted. This will improve food security, stretch food budgets and supplement SNAP. Lower Shore clients will also receive nutrition education, training on food preservation techniques and safe food storage, and opportunities to engage in physical activity. This program follows the Geisinger Health System 'Farmacy' model which has demonstrated effectiveness and is validated. 
Organization Contact Information: https://www.lowershoreclinic.org/

Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Department of Health 
Jurisdiction Served: Anne Arundel County
Grant and Amount: 20-028 ($200,000) 
Grant Project Description: This program by the Anne Arundel County Health Department seeks to expand the capacity of the current food pantry in the county's largest food desert area, increase support for the farmer's market, and support a new, second food pantry in partnership with a community organization in Brooklyn Park. An existing program, with funding support from the CHRC, enjoys broad support through association with community and county partners and volunteers. Improving diabetes outcomes will be achieved through better nutrition and healthier food choices, addressing obesity, and use of diabetes disease prevention and management education. 
Organization Contact Information: http://www.aahealth.org/​​

Grantee Organization: Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services 
Jurisdiction Served: Montgomery County
Grant Amount: 20-029 ($240,000) 
Grant Project Description: This program by the Montgomery County DHHS proposes a multipronged approach to addressing emergency department use through better disease management among patients with Type II diabetes. DHHS will use risk prediction to identify eligible patients. Once enrolled, patients will have access to the Chronic Care Model (CCM) and other wrap around services, including social resources to overcome social determinants of health largely delivered by CHWs. This project is highly focused on decreasing diabetes-related Emergency Department (ED) use with a target reduction of 10%.
Organization Contact Information: Montgomery County DHHS

Grantee Organization: Upper Shore Aging, Inc. 
Jurisdiction Served: Kent County
Grant and Amount: 20-030 ($90,000) 
Grant Project Description: Upper Shore Aging, Inc. will increase diabetes risk screening for all low-income seniors served by Upper Shore Aging, including those attending senior centers and home-bound seniors. Home screenings will be performed in partnership with Meals on Wheels. The program seeks to increase awareness of diabetes risk factors and provide risk prevention education and increase food security by improving access to healthy fruits and vegetables delivered with Meals on Wheels home meals. The program will seek increased collaboration among health care providers and will work with the Kent County Health Department and Kent County Department of Social Services to increase no cost access to Diabetes Prevention Programs for Medicare recipients.
Organization Contact Information: Upper Shore Aging

Grantee Organization: Baltimore Medical System
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 19-020 ($200,000) 
Grant Project Description: This project would provide enhanced childhood obesity and nutrition intervention in the Collington Square Elementary/Middle School School-based Health Center.  The project offers counseling, health monitoring, and nutrition education as well as promoting physical activity and nutrition lessons during resource periods that also engages parents and guardians.  The project also implements “CATCH Kids”; a program to provide motivation interviewing and obesity management training for BMS staff. 
Organization Contact
Information: https://bmsi.org/​

Grantee Organization: Worcester County Health Department 
Grant and Amount: 19-021 ($225,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Worcester County
Grant Project Description: This project would address obesity prevalence among youth and adults in the jurisdiction through a number of intervention strategies that include online education learning modules; coaching and wearable technology; community gardening projects; linkages with local food pantries; and virtual and in-person cooking demonstrations and grocery store tours.  Program referrals would come from the Health Department and Chesapeake Health Care.  The overall goals of the project are to promote healthier lifestyle choices (both exercise and nutrition) among the target population, weight loss, weight management, and improved food security.
Organization Contact Information: 

Grantee Organization: Washington County Health Department 
Grant and Amount: 19-022 ($135,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Washington County
Grant Project Description: This project would support the use of a mobile farmer's market to get locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables into the city of Hagerstown where there is no supermarket.  The project targets vulnerable populations, and the vendor would sell the produce at Title I schools, low-income housing sites, Commission on Aging, congregate meal sites, and the senior center.  The mobile farmer's market would accept food stamps/EBT, WIC vouchers, and cash.  In addition, the project involves providing nutritional education, to be provided by Meritus Medical Center, the Health Department, and a local dietician.
Organization Contact Information: 

Grantee Organization: Somerset Health Department
Grant and Amount: 19-023 ($300,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset County
Grant Project Description: This project would implement the Sustainable Change and Lifestyle Enhancement (SCALE) for Families project, a comprehensive weight loss and health improvement plan for low-income and uninsured adults, modeled after an evidenced-based program in West Virginia.  The project would target population of women of childbearing age in Somerset and Wicomico Counties with reported BMI over 30, children under 18 at risk for obesity, and minority populations.
Organization Contact Information: http://somersethealth.org/

Grantee Organization: La Clinica del Pueblo
Jurisdiction Served: Prince George’s County
Grant and Amount: 18-014 ($140,000) 
Grant Project Description: This project would implement a school and community-focused project that uses culturally and linguistically appropriate strategies to increase knowledge about healthy lifestyles, increases access to healthy foods, and encourages engagement in physical activity targeting 720 low-income Latino high school students and families. The program would create a Health 4 Promotion club with Youth Health Promoters in schools, health education workshops at parents' meetings, annual intergenerational soccer tournaments and health fairs, and clinicalbased activities, with one-on-one health education sessions targeting mothers or women of childbearing age. 
Organization Contact Information: www.lcdp.org

 Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Department of Health 
Grant and Amount: 18-015 ($130,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset County
Grant Project Description: This project focuses on increasing access to healthy foods and provides information about healthy cooking in Brooklyn Park. The project would provide access to nutritious, shelf-stable food options, fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as English and Spanish nutrition and cooking skills education. Transportation to the food pantry and classes would be made available, as well as technical assistance for four Anne Arundel County public schools and two community organizations via free/subsidized community-supported agriculture..
Organization Contact Information: www.aahealth.org/​

Grantee Organization: Frederick Memorial Hospital 
Grant and Amount: 18-020 ($150,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Frederick
Grant Project Description: This project would implement the evidence
based '5210 Campaign,' which is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program. The project involves multiple intervention strategies to fight obesity which would engage the Frederick County Public School System.
Organization Contact Information:  https://www.fmh.org/​

Grantee Organization: Institute for Public Health Innovation
Jurisdiction Served: Montgomery
Grant and Amount: 17-010 ($80,000) 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant is being utilized to support the implementation of local school wellness councils in four Title I Elementary Schools in Montgomery County (in Long Branch/Takoma Park, Gaithersburg, and Germantown). The project will expand an existing project of Healthy Montgomery’s Transforming Community Initiatives, which is one of six sites selected to participate in a national initiative funded by the Trinity Health System. 
Organization Contact Information: http://www.institutephi.org/

Grantee Organization: Somerset Health Department
Grant and Amount: 17-011 ($130,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset County
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant, expanding on an existing CHRC grant, will support the following activities to address obesity and promote food security: nutritional home visiting program; nutrition education in the schools; garden fresh produce distribution; and transformation of abandoned asphalt slabs into 'Fitness Towns.'.
Organization Contact Information: http://somersethealth.org/

Grantee Organization: Baltimore City Health Department
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 17-012 ($150,000) 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant, expanding on an existing CHRC grant, will expand the “Baltimarket Healthy Stores” program, which works with retail stores to expand access to affordable, healthy food options that serve low-income children and families. Under the program, additional stores will be recruited to the Baltimarket program. The Baltimore City Health Department will provide technical assistance to these stores, focusing on the implementation of federal SNAP/food stamp changes, and employ young residents as community health educators. 
Organization Contact Information: http://baltimorehealth.org/>​

 Grantee Organization: Department of Pediatrics, University of Maryland 
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 14-018 ($510,000) 
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supports the Heathiest Maryland Schools program which seeks to bring together pediatricians, schools, and communities to address childhood obesity, and to support interventions in three Title I elementary schools in West Baltimore. Grant funding is utilized for staffing a program manager, a clinical coordinator, and a research assistant, as well as for data collection and analysis.
Organization Contact Information: http://medschool.umaryland.edu/pediatrics/

Grantee Organization: Baltimore City Health Department
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
Grant and Amount: 14-019 ($750,000) 
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant is being utilized to support the “Baltimarket Healthy Stores” program, which aims to prevent childhood obesity through a multi-level, community-based program that transforms the retail food environment.  The program has three core elements: corner store, Youth Neighborhood Food Advocate, and grocery store-based nutrition education, and focuses on the following zip codes in West Baltimore: 21216, 21217, 21223, and 21229. 
Organization Contact Information: http://baltimorehealth.org/>

Grantee Organization: Somerset Health Department
Grant and Amount: 14-020 ($300,000) 
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset County
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant provides support for a public outreach campaign that will build community awareness and support for healthy lifestyle choices to reduce rates of childhood obesity in Somerset County. Grant funds are being utilized to create new after-school opportunities for physical activity and will help to expand access to affordable healthy food options, and provide home visitation and health coaching for youths between the ages of 4 and 18 deemed at highest risk of obesity by their health care provider.
Organization Contact Information: http://somersethealth.org/

 Grantee Organization: Mid-Shore Health Improvement Coalition
Jurisdiction Served: Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-001 ($75,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Mid-Shore Health Improvement Coalition utilized grant funding to support a nutritional program to address adult and childhood obesity in African American communities.  Grant funds were utilized to support a program, “Body & Soul,” which engaged 20 African American churches and provided training for pastors and peer health coaches; supported health risk assessments and other events; and supported efforts to develop and implement healthy food policies for church events.  

Grantee Organization: Tri-County Health Departments
Jurisdiction Served: Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-002 ($75,000) 
Grant Project Description:  The Tri-County Health Planning Board utilized CHRC grant funds to implement the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) and promote healthy lifestyle practices to prevent and delay diabetes.  Staff from each of the three local health departments received training at Emory University, and ten individuals have been CDC Certified as “Lifestyle Coaches.”  

Grantee Organization: Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition
Jurisdiction Served: Anne Arundel
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-004 ($25,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition utilized CHRC grant funding to support initiatives designed to increase healthy food consumption, promote physical activity, and decrease obesity among adults and children.  Grant funding supported the implementation of the “Eat Healthier/Move More” program, which engaged more than 1,000 community residents, and the Healthy Anne Arundel Action Plan for Obesity, which resulted in a six-week Family Fitness Challenge that engaged 248 employees of the Health Department. 

Grantee Organization: Baltimore County Health Coalition
Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-005 ($200,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Baltimore County Health Coalition utilized CHRC grant funding to support efforts to address childhood obesity and enhance the Healthier Generation Healthy School Program, which includes 25 public schools.  CHRC grant funding supports staff professional development and data analysis on Body Mass Index (BMI). 

Grantee Organization: Garrett County Health Department
Jurisdiction Served: Garrett
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-011 ($25,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Garrett County Health Department utilized grant funds to support obesity prevention activities by targeting local stores, restaurants, and Head Start programs to provide healthier food options for the community and to educate parents about appropriate food portions and daily nutritional requirements.  CHRC funding supported the “Farm to Head Start” program in three classrooms, assisted five restaurants to identify heart healthy menu options, and enabled mini-grant awards to five small stores to increase availability of healthier food options. 

Grantee Organization: Harford County Health Department
Jurisdiction Served: Harford
Grant and Amount: LHIC12-006 ($50,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Harford County Health Department utilized CHRC base grant funding to support a contract with a marketing/public relations firm to develop a strategic marketing plan to encourage healthy living by Harford County residents.  Bonus grant funds were utilized to support two initiatives: (1) the implementation of a mobile text messaging program to help increase appointment attendance and treatment focused on diverting adolescents from a more restrictive therapeutic or educational placement (i.e. residential treatment) and re-integrating them back into the community, resulting in a significant cost savings to the state; and (2) the cross-training of mental health and substance abuse staff to help integrate these treatment programs and improve delivery of behavioral health care services in Harford County.