Garrett County - 7 Grants

Grantee Organization: Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.
Grant and Amount: 20-014 ($350,000) 
Focus Area: Behavioral Health
Grant Project Description: Garrett County Lighthouse currently serves individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. This program will support an array of services to individuals with SUD treatment needs in this rural and underserved area of the State, including case management, individual and group therapy, assessment and skills development. The proposal indicates that over the last five years in Garrett County, 47% of children with a parent having an SUD issue have been removed from the home, and the Garrett County Health Department has reported approximately 49 new diagnoses each year.
Organization Contact Information: Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.

Grantee Organization: Mountain Laurel Medical Center
Grant and Amount: 20-025 ($195,000) 
Focus Area: Diabetes/Food Security 
Grant Project Description: This program, by Mountain Laurel Medical Center at its three primary care delivery locations, will expand access to chronic care management services for patients with uncontrollable diabetes who are uninsured/underinsured, or classified as low-income, and offer free diabetes self-management education classes to improve diabetes self-management and health outcomes. The program provides an LPN Navigator to help patients secure their diabetes medication through assistance programs, and two RNs for diabetes self-management education delivery. The program will also serve residents of Allegany County.
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Grantee Organization: Mountain Laurel Medical Center
Grant and Amount: 16-004 ($125,000) 
Focus Area: Dental 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant is being utilized to support a program that will provide dental screenings and referrals to discounted dental care to patients of Mountain Laurel with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Grant funds are being utilized to support the salary costs for program staff and dental supplies. Garrett County is one of the most dentally underserved areas in the state, and this program expands access to dental services and promote the integration of medical and dental care services in a primary care setting.
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Grantee Organization: Garrett County Health Department 
Grant and Amount: 16-005 ($180,000) 
Focus Area: Behavioral Health 
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supports the use of tele-health technology to increase access to Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) and responds to the recommendations of the Governor’s Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force. The program involves a collaboration between the Garrett County Health Department and the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry. Grant funds support the salary costs of program staff and the contracting of an outside evaluator. 
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Grantee Organization: Garrett County Health Department 
Focus Area: Childhood Obesity
Grant and Amount: LHIC 12-011 ($25,000) 
Grant Project Description: The Garrett County Health Department utilized grant funds to support obesity prevention activities by targeting local stores, restaurants, and Head Start programs to provide healthier food options for the community and to educate parents about appropriate food portions and daily nutritional requirements.  CHRC funding supported the “Farm to Head Start” program in three classrooms, assisted five restaurants to identify heart healthy menu options, and enabled mini-grant awards to five small stores to increase availability of healthier food options.
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Grantee Organization: Garrett County Health Department 
Focus Area: Infant Mortality 
Grant and Amount: 10-004 ($298,288) 
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported the expansion of the health department's Nurse-Family home visiting program, which provided services throughout pregnancy and through the first two years of the child's life. Grant funds were utilized to support nursing staff salaries. The grantee reported serving 527 patients through 3,774 visits over the duration of the grant. 
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Grantee Organization: Garrett County Health Department
Focus Area: Dental
Grant Amount: 08-005 ($173,660)
Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported the Garrett County Health Department in funding Project Smiles to expand community dental services to low income, high-risk adults who lack dental care. The Health Department utilized a combination of community based dentists who provided donated/pro bono care and paid dental staff to provide care to uninsured adults. Over the duration of the grant, the program served 455 patients with 2,813 visits.
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