Talbot County - 2 Grants

Grantee Organization: Talbot County Health Department
Focus Area: Primary Care
Grant and Amount: 18-002 ($175,000) 
Grant Project Description: This project would establish a Rural Health Collaborative working across five counties (Queen Anne’s, Kent, Talbot, Caroline, and Dorchester) to improve the integration of clinical, social, and preventative health systems. The Collaborative would focus on improving health care for low-income residents and would develop models for integration that can be duplicated in other rural areas.
Organization Contact Information: Talbot County Health Department​

Grantee Organization: Mid-Shore Mental Health System
Grant and Amount: 09-014 ($132,605) 
Focus Area: Behavioral Health
Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supported a telemedicine initiative for Mid-shore youth enrolled in the 60-day inpatient substance use treatment at the Jackson Unit in Allegany County. This program enabled youth’s families to participate in treatment, who otherwise may not have due to transportation barriers. Grant funds were utilized to support staff salaries. This program provided services to 71 families over the duration of the grant.
Organization Contact Information: Mid-Shore Mental Health System​​​