Healthy Families Program

​Healthy Families, is an evidenced-based, accredited prevention and early intervention program that promotes health and development starting at the most effective time: first time expectant parents, and parents with new babies under three months of age.  There is no fee for this program.

Highly trained Family Support Workers (FSW's) deliver intensive, long term home visiting services to families facing the most challenges. Between birth and age three, the healthy brain develops trillions of connections among its billions of brand new brain cells. These connections are the pathways that support the learning and potential of a person for life. Factors such as prenatal care, parent-child communication, nurturing, safe environment, positive discipline, and early learning opportunities all affect a child's healthy brain development.

Healthy Families is a parent support and early intervention home visiting program designed to begin as early as possible to maximize positive parenting skills and minimize risks of child maltreatment.

​Healthy Families offers strength-based, trusting, voluntary long term partnerships between FSW's and parents, from as early as the first trimester of pregnancy until the target child reaches age 5 or starts school. Staff provides consistent positive support for families. In addition, the program teaches parents a research-based, interactive child development curriculum (Growing Great Kids - GGK), assesses and screens children for healthy development, provides referrals, monitors immunizations and early health care, and supports the development of family independence through goal setting and accomplishment​​