​​Maryland PDMP Dispenser Reporting Requirements

Maryland's PDMP data collection vendor is NIC and the platform through which it collects data is RxGov.  Dispensers, or their authorized data submitter, must report data every 24 hours to RxGov to be in compliance with Maryland statute requirements, including submission of zero reports if no dispensing occurs. ‘Zero reports’ are required on any day that the dispenser does not dispense a CS prescription, regardless of whether or not the dispensing facility is open for business that day.​ 

Here is the new MD PDMP RxGov Data Submitter Reference Guide, which contains the new data submission requirements. If you would like assistance with submitting your CS dispense data, contact the MD PDMP Help Desk by email rxgovsupport@egov.com​ or call 1-844-767-4767 (24/7/365).

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