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Prescription Drug​ Monitoring Program

​​​​The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, or PDMP, was established to support healthcare providers and their patients in the safe and effective use of prescription drugs. The PDMP collects and securely stores information on drugs that contain controlled substances and are dispensed to patients in Maryland. Use of prescription information improves providers’ ability to manage the benefits and risks of controlled substance medications and identify potentially harmful drug interactions. The PDMP is a core component of the State’s and many local jurisdictions’ strategies for reducing drug-related overdoses. 

For general information about the PDMP, see the Frequently Asked Questions​ section. For​ information about clinical user access to PDMP data, please view the PDMP Training Video. If you have additional questions, please contact the PDMP​



Healthcare Provider Registration

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Dispenser Reporting

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Click here​ for updates on the Dispenser migration from RxSentry to RxGov,​​ that began April 2019 ​